Thursday, November 19, 2009

Woman's Dresses

Morning everyone! Here is your update that is showcasing all of the lovely dresses that we have in stock for women! Now.. keep in mind that dresses always look bad when on the hanger.. so a lot of these styles may not look as form fitting and pretty as they should like in this photo here...

Buuuuttt it would be a super huge pain and would take all day dressing and undressing the mannequin so here they are anyway!

LS Nano Factory $119.99

(back) LS Altered State $109.99

(front) LS Altered State $109.99

LS Pow Dress $109.99

Tripp Kat Dress $99.99

LS Zip Front $124.99

LS The Underworld $124.99

LS Astro Vamp Mesh $124.99

L13 First Class $99.99

RS Sugar Skulls Pink $69.99

L13 Fully Blown $79.99

(Back) LS French Maid PVC $99.99

(Front) LS French Maid PVC $99.99

LS Naughty Nurse PVC $99.99

RS Spider Web Dress $69.99

SP Monster Pattern Tube Dress $69.99

Check back soon for some more stock goodness!


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