Monday, November 16, 2009

Men's T-Shirts

With everything going on here at Fashionably Dead, Kelly "Zombie Sock Puppet" is busy busy trying to catch up on current stock in store. She will be going through each section, trying to make everything as easy to shop through as possible. Also, they will be grouped together by category (as best as possible) until we are ALL caught up and then everything will be posted as it comes in.

So happy shopping and if you have any questions, would like to request a size on hold or anything please feel free to contact us at
Facebook group: Fashionably Dead
Phone: 902-406-7050

Here are the Men's T-Shirts we have available in the store!!!

SP Fright Night $29.99

L13 Zombie Joe $29.99

L13 $29.99

Day of Dead $22.99

RS Monster Puppet $29.99

PS Uneeda $19.99

PS My Bloody Valentine $19.99

PS Martin $19.99

SP Zombie Love $24.99

SP Zombies Never Die $29.99

SP Zombie Luck $24.99

RS Robot $29.99

Re-Animator $19.99

RS Return of the Zombies $29.99

SP Voodoo Zombie $29.99

SP GT Bones $29.99

KV Monster $29.99

SP Pussy Web $29.99

RS Cards $29.99

SP Zombie Grave $29.99

RS Snake Bite $29.99

SP Zombie Creeps $29.99

RS Brains for Dinner $29.99

SP Gore Guts Girls $29.99

Steady Elvis $24.99

PS Night of the Living Dead $19.99

RS Cut Throat $29.99

L13 Psycho $29.99

RS Happy Couple $24.99

Leather Face $19.99

PS Motel Hell $19.99

KV I'm with Spooky $29.99

SP VooDoo $29.99

RS Sugar Skull $29.99

TCB $24.99

Steady Elvis $24.99

SuperCock Logo $29.99

Hot Rod Hellcats $24.99

TCB $22.99

Rock'n Rebels $15.00

The Brains $22.00

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