Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shoes.. omg.. Shoes..

Today we are going to feature the shoes that we have in store. We have both shoes for men and women in a wide range of sizes as well as styles. We only carry so many styles in store, especially of Demonia boots. But don't hesitate to ask us about Custom Ordering. We do a lot of custom orders for customers to ensure that they get the style boot / shoe that they want! I know I got my first pair of Demonia Platforms here! And I love them so much!

There are some prices missing but as soon as we have them cleared up this will be updated!

Demonia Deviant 109 TBA

L13 Dagger $59.99

Demonia Deviant 101 TBA

Demonia Deviant 1-08 TBA

Demonia Deviant 206 TBA

Demonia Ranger $99.99

Demonia Torments $149.99

Demonia Kiss Buckle $119.99

Pleaser Concord $119.99

Demonia Kiss $119.99

Demonia Torments $149.99

Demonia Flats TBA

Demonia Dots $34.99

Demonia Bat $49.99

Pleaser Party $69.99

Demonia MJ-110 $39.99

Demonia MudFlap Girl $49.99

Demonia Skully Creep $69.99

L13 Purrlicious $34.99

FT Black n Red Heel $59.99

FT Pupil 24 $49.99

Pleaser BW Vanity $59.99

Pleaser PW Vanity $69.99


And just because they are awesome and on the shoe rack, check out our bed sheets! They are currently on for 40% off! Get em while they last!

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