Monday, November 30, 2009

Lucky 13 New Arrivals!

So with the camera situation still down.. I have to resort to the old ways of updating for you lovely people!!

We Had a shipment of Lucky 13 products arrive for you all to see, including some wicked hair products for all your pompadour, or greaser needs!

Men's L13 Devil Button Up $59.99

Men's L13 Pinche Joe's Button Up $59.99

L13 White Lightning Light Pomade $12.99

Men's L13 Psycho Button Up $59.99

Men's L13 Lined Jacket. $129.99

L13 Shampoo $9.99

L13 Gel Pomade $12.99

L13 Devil's Deluxe Medium Pomade $12.99

Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Necklaces, Earings, and Randoms

So we got a new shipment in of necklaces and a few other goodies! Check em out!

Skull Ash Tray $9.99

Crystal Skill $19.99

Skull Key Chain $3.99

Bat Pendant $12.99

Spider Pendant with Red Stone $19.99

Bone Pendant $12.99

Crow Flying Pendant $14.99

Flaming Heart Necklace $19.99

Heart Cross with Purple Stones $16.99

Bat Wing Necklace with Red Stone $19.99

Bat Wing Earrings with Red Stones $12.99

Will be back soon with more updates, as soon as the camera starts cooperating with my computer! :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Purses Galore

We have a large selection of purses and wallets in a wide range of styles, from funky retro couture, to spiderwebs and leopard prints. Come check our styles out and see if there is one that fits your style!

TF Skully Hearts $39.99

Demonia Spider Web $39.99

Demonia Nurse Purse $14.99

Lux Deville $79.99

Lux De Ville Leapord Print $89.99

Hells Bell Flur De Lis $109.99

Hell's Bells Clutch $49.99

TF Pin Up Lady $39.99

Hells Bells Scardy Cat $50.00

Lux De Ville $34.99

Demonia F U $39.99

SP Hurse Purse $29.99

KV Cat Purse $49.99

Lux De Ville True Until Death Wallet $34.99

SP Bat $34.99

Lux De Ville Sugar Skulls $59.99

Lux De Ville True Love $59.99

Lux De Ville Love Kills $59.99

Lux De Ville Hope Banner $89.99

TF Sugar Skull $39.99

Lux De Ville $79.99

SP Winged Coffin $34.99

TF EyeBall Cupcakes $39.99

TF Old School Anchor $39.99

Demonia Bat Wallet TBA

Demonia Bat Purse $39.99


Furry Bones Statues

So I was in the middle of a wicked awesome purse blog post, until.. the stock fairy arrived with some awesome new things.. one of which I was too excited to put up everything else had to wait!!

These are Furry Bones. They are cute little 2 to 3 inch tall statues of skullys in costumes of cute animals! I mean, how cute is that! They each sell for $9.99 each. Come and get them while they still last!!