Friday, November 13, 2009

Nov 13th 2009

It will be a few tries before we have all of our stock listed up on the site, and a few more tries before we also get all the prices to go with them so keep checking back and you will see them up on here.

We are hoping that once all the stock in the store is covered we will be able to have things uploaded by brand. That may make it easier for all you out there who love a certain groups clothing! Also when NEW stock comes in we will have them uploaded as fast as we can with the prices so that you can head on down to the shop to grab em while they last!

Ooo La La Pinup Purse $39.99

Hello Sailor Purse $39.99

Monster Toy Theater $26.99

Monster Toy Theater $26.99Hair Clips $4.99

Hair Clips $4.99Hair Clips $4.99

Hair Clips $4.99

Stitches Thigh-highs $14.99

Clever Thigh-highs $14.99

Brass Knuckle Knee High $14.99

Calavera Burnout Tee $29.99

Tiki Temptress Burnout Tee $29.99

Monster Gal Lace Cami TBA

Leighderhosen "Love Dead Hate Living" Cardigan $59.99

Deadly Devotion Cardigans $59.99

Brass Knuckles Cardigans $59.99

Vince Ray's Zuvembie Vertigo Tee $29.99

Fright Night Hoodie $59.99

Zombie Creeps Hoodie $59.99

Gore Guts Girls Hoodie $59.99

Sugar Skull Cardigan $59.99

Cats Rats Bats Top $29.99

Deadly Treats Top $29.99

Check back on Monday for the next big update.. or updates!!

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