Friday, February 26, 2010

Cyber Goggles and Masqs ReStocked

Hey everyone!

Just came into a new shipment today of Cyber Goggles and Gas Masks!! We have all of the favorites as well as a couple new styles for you guys to check out! Can you say.. Hello Kitty with gas masks on goggles! YUS!!

Check it out! Goggles $28.99 Gas Masks $34.99

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feb Update

Hey Folks!

Ya we know.. It's been a while since an update.. but there have been some BIG changes here at Fashionably Dead!!!

Our lovely owners Kate and Aaron were working hard to make your shopping experience enjoyable, and have been working hard away at some renovations here inside the mothership! With a lovely new wall unit everything is spacious and amazing here inside! Some come see it!!

ALSO to put on our lovely new racks there have been some new arrivals from Lip Service for all you fans out there!!

LS Mad Kitten Ruffle Skirt $69.99

LS Handkerchief Hem Skirt $39.99

LS Wonderland (skirt only) $49.99

LS Indigo Back

LS Indigo Skinny Jeans $59.99

LS Carman Back

LS Carman Corset Halter $49.99

LS Snap Up shirt with duel Belts $49.99

LS Eye for Eye Fashion Top $34.99

LS Junky Skinny Jean $59.99

Thats all for now folks! Check back for new stock updates in the near future! Lots of goodies to come (new tights, corsets, goggles, respirators, and skelanimals all ordered)