Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hoodies, Cardigans and Jackets.. Oh My!

Mid week update is back in the womens department with some items to bundle up with on this quickly coming winter! The cardigans are super cute with wicked patterns on them, great to top off a wicked tee and jean combo. And the hoodies by Sour Puss are phenomenal! They are super warm and wicked soft on the inside! I know i could use a few of these toasty horror goodies in my closet!

RS Clara Coat $99.99

HR Sonnet in Rain $124.99

HR Queen Lizzy (back) $199.99

HR Queen Lizzy $199.99

Tripp Pin Trench (back) $124.99

Tripp Pin Trench $124.99

Chic (back) $89.99

Chic Jacket $89.99

SP Sugar Skulls $59.99

TF Brass Knuckles $59.99

TF Love Dead Hate Living $59.99

TF Deadly Devotion $59.99

SP Midnight Massacre $59.99

SP Gore Guts and Girls $59.99

SP Fright Night $59.99

SP Attack of the Zombie Creeps $59.99

RS Rib Cage $59.99

LB Skully Argyle Cardigan

SP Horror Show $59.99

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  1. One thing i like about these hoodies is that they can be worn with anything..these are ideal for simple jackets. i like the hoodies you shared here..
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