Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back in Blogging Business

Zombie Sock Puppet here with happy news that she can go back to her regular blogging goodness with her camera situation figured out. :D

Today we are putting some spotlight on our women's skirts and corsets that we have for sale here at home base.

I must say.. these corsets are some of the best I have seen around in Halifax. They are high quality made, with steel boning and sturdy materials to hold them. As an experienced corset enthusiast I can personally say I would highly recommend these for anyone who is serious about corsets and binding fetish. These WILL give you shape and form, and they come in xs-xxl. If you are unsure what size you would take, or how to properly use one, feel free to ask any of the staff in the store and we are happy to help you out! :)

But enough talk! On to the pictures!!!

Heavy Red Silver Cincher $124.99

Heavy Red Sad Girl $79.99

Heavy Red Rich Tapestry $109.99

Heavy Red Eternal Mistress $124.99 (Photos do not do this one justice.. it must be worn to see it amazingness)

Heavy Red Lilith's Corset $124.99

LS Chemical Warfare $79.99

LS One for My Baby $69.99

LS Mini Zip PVC $59.99

LS Survivalistas $69.99

LS Exposure $59.99

LS Salt n Pepper Denim $39.99

LS Leo Mini $59.99

LS Skully Bones $49.99

LS Sin and Infamy $49.99

LS Salsburg $119.99

Chic Leo $49.99

Chic Ruffle Skirt $49.99

LS Raw Edge $69.99

BL Corporate Vamp $59.99

(back) LS Steam This Punk $79.99

(front) LS Steam This Punk $79.99

LS Betty Bruiser $69.99

RS Sailor Skirt $49.99

RS Cruel Mistress $69.99

BL Coven Skirt $89.99

RS Poison Skirt $69.99

TF Sacred Heart Skirt $69.99

TF Sugar Skull $69.99

Heavy Red Temptress $79.99

We are still waiting on our re supply of Manic Panic goodies as well as are hoping for some more corset goodies to arrive! Keep Checking back!


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